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west-coast-avenger said: I dont think the higher prices is the real problem, even though that’s what toy guru keeps talking about. I’ll pay 25 dollars for the ones i want. The problem is that the characters announced so far for 2014, are not characters people want.

Agree, that’s another reason why I wouldn’t subscribe. There’s too many random characters I don’t want. Oh well.

Mattel apparently is having problems meeting their minimum requirements for their 2013 Masters of the Universe Classics subscription service. In a post made today by Mattel’s Scott “Toyguru” Neitlich on the Mattel forums, he indicates that they have only achieved 46% of the minimum subscriptions needed to go forward with the program. He goes on to indicate that if they don’t meet that minimum requirement we would see less figures released and the price of each figure could go up to $30-$35 each.

"We have over 50% to go. We are at 46% of the min orders we need as of right now.

If we don’t hit 100% of the min it means fewer figs at higher prices (i.e. 30-35.00 per figure and likely only 4-6 figs for the whole year)”

One has to wonder. If they don’t meet their requirements and raise the prices, will the people who already signed up for the subscription be locked into higher prices and less figures? Hopefully Mattel will release some kind of official statement in regards to this soon. Click here to see the current subscription description.

Is the possibility of less figures and higher prices something that will encourage you to sign up, and if you have already signed up, what do you think about this latest development?

I just had this idea for a bumpersticker…I had to make it.

I just had this idea for a bumpersticker…I had to make it.